Expand Your Nautical Universe

The Story

What’s in a name?

Years ago at the height of the Internet boom, I worked for a company called Unisphere Networks. I loved working for the company and always thought it was a cool name. The name was inspired by the Unisphere Landmark constructed for the 1964 World’s Fair. The theme of the 1964 World’s Fair was “Peace Through Understanding” while the Unisphere represented “Man’s Achievements on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe”. I had come up with a few different names incorporating the word Unisphere. My better half and sounding board, First Mate Linda, always said “No”. Looking back, I’m glad she did! Not one to give up easy, I was determined to come up with something unique but inspired by the Unisphere. I finally combined the words Nautical and Unisphere to form the word NautisphereTM. Further playing on the Unisphere theme, I came up with the “Expand Your Nautical Universe”TM slogan. Both of which First Mate Linda approved of.

Fast forward almost 50 years and our World does feel like its shrinking. Whether it is the weekend, a holiday, or just a beautiful sunny day, the crowds anywhere on land can be overwhelming. Why not get away from all the land congestion and utilize the 70% of the Earth’s surface covered with water? Expand Your Nautical Universe and do just that…..


Getting On the Water

Get to know Nautisphere.
Below is just a sample of the ways you can Expand Your Nautical Universe.
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Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the easiest and cost effect ways to get on the water.

Captain for Hire

Hire a private captain for a quiet and relaxing experience.


Enjoy a fireworks display that you’ll always remember. Up close and no traffic.

Special Occasions

Whether a birthday, anniversary, or engagement, a day on the water makes it even more special.

Dinner Cruise

Party Boat or Private Charter, a dinner cruise is great any day of the week.


Dinghy rental, Party Boat, or Charter, there is no excuse to say no.


Sightseeing cruises are available almost anywhere there is water.

Movie Shoots

Be an extra for the day or assist with a shoot on the water.