Nautisphere has posted four 360 DEGREE videos on YouTube.

What are 360 Videos? 360 Videos are recorded by special cameras or multiple cameras so that a full 360 degree field of view is captured. The viewer can then take control to pan and zoom how they wish. This allows for a unique viewer experience each and every time.

Make sure to view with the highest resolution available and via the YouTube app, computer, VR headset, Amazon FireStick, or a device that supports 360 Video for the best experience.
The four videos can be viewed individually or as a sequence. The viewer can take a virtual boat ride at the following locations:

  • The Point Pleasant Canal by the Loveland Town Bridge
  • The Point Pleasant Canal by the Route 88 Bridge
  • The Manasquan River through the tight New Jersey Transit Brielle Rail Bridge
  • The Manasquan Inlet and out on to the Atlantic Ocean heading north off of Manasquan Beach

The playlist can be found at:

It is a new way to……..
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